CurlyEllie Intense Summer Curl Tips 2024

A little collection of our favorite Intense summer tips for gorgeous, nourished and frizz-free curls! It's your summer!

Hydrating Shampoo

  • With repeat use, our natural amino acid complex will bind to each hair fibre, effectively coating the hair enhancing the deposition of natural conditioning ingredients delivering improved shine and protection.

Indulgent Conditioner

  • A great summer tip for washing and conditioning is that you can go longer between washes, but you can add the much needed extra moisture your curls need by just conditioning between wash days!

Leave In Conditioner

  • If you’re not sure where to start in any curl routine, leave in conditioner is the answer for any hair type!

Radiance and Brightening Oil

  • Great to use on the ends of hair, as it is designed to repair broken hair bonds! As a bonus, it adds shine!

Natural Hold Gel

  • Our Natural Hold gel creates a more natural and textured look, whilst still providing hold all day!

Strong Hold Gel

  • Our Strong Hold Gel will provide a high- shine finish to your curls!