A Beginners Guide to CurlyEllie

Time is a finite commodity so understandably we tend to focus on pursuits with measurable outcomes. However, now more than ever with a surge in burn-outs and our homes becoming offices it is essential to take time off to relax. As frivolous as Me-Time may seem it is quite indispensable to our mental health. 
At CurlyEllie we aim to take the hustle out of curly hair care with our nutritious custom crafted plant based collection so that you can relax through your wash days not stressing about having enough protein or moisture or using products that are potentially harmful for your family or the environment.  

A CurlyEllie Wash Day: 

Schedule your wash day into your itinerary because rushed washdays are the enemy of defined curls and a friend to hair breakage which prevents you from meeting your hair goals. 

Gather All tools and products you will need for washday so you have to keep hoping in and out of the shower to grab things you forgot (remember the goal is to relax). 

Set the Mood  

Light up some candles, play your favourite playlist and sing your way through this wash day. 
Get comfortable


Saturate your curls with water then massage the Gentle Shampoo onto your scalp using your finger tips, take your time with this. Follow up with your massage brush and melt the stress away as your are stimulating your scalp. Run your fingers through hair to gently detangle and remove products and debris.  

Grab either the Intensive Mask or the Nourishing Conditioner and spread generously through hair, detangle with your brush then coverup with shower cup, capitalise on that steam for better penetration into your hair shaft. Use the next 10 mins to shave, give your self a facial mask or a body scrub. Rinse of hair then cover up with curl towel as you wash off your body. 
After stepping out of the shower transfer your curl towel unto your shoulders. If your body wash took too long and your hair is drying up no worries at all, spritz curls with The Detangling Spray and follow up with The Curl Defining Leave in Conditioner, distribute through curls with your fingers or use a detangling brush and scrunch. 

For long-lasting curl memory and definition, apply Styling Serum to curls and scrunch with curl towel till you are satisfied. Plop curls with curl towel while your moisturize your body. you can now choose to keep plopping, hair dry or defuse. Rinse combs, brushes with warm soapy water and leave to dry off on your scrunch towel.  
Try this routine and share your experience with us.